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PotelRVR is a pottery maker simulator for the Oculus Rift + Leap motion.

Sit, relax, enjoy the sounds of nature and create pottery in a relaxed environment.

After happy with your modeled art feel free to 3D print it!

Video of the gameplay:

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withOculus Rift
Tags3D, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, pottery-maker, sitting-simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsOculus Rift, Leap Motion
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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Naruse, can you please contact me.  I am looking to hire someone to build an app similar to this but with modifications.   fergyart@gmail.com

I'm not sure what im doing wrong, but im not able to get it to download it installs, but then tells me it was not installed.

Hey Naruse, I know its been a while since you created this game but I'm actually part of a company working on developing haptic feedback technology that's designed to pair with the LeapMotion and we are looking to put out a developer kit in the next few months so would you be interested in working with us on developing something like what you made here but with the player actually able to feel what they're sculpting? If that sounds good to you please send me a message.

Hi, fantastic application for the leap and oculus. Have been looking for the option to "Bake to STL".. Any idea where to find it?

Hello @w33va,thanks for the kind words!, I'm glad you liked it. I'll upload it next week!, I just realized it was an old version the one that is up here in itch.io!.


great, I look forward to being able to 3d print my "beautiful" vases

Pretty cool but would a more realistic method of manipulating the clay be possible? So instead of adding clay just pushing it in where you touch and it being squeezed somewhere else like in real life, thus requiring both hands to squeeze out extrusions and such.

makes sense, I also plan to add a pedal for clay movement/rotation instead of buttons to change the clay speed :-)

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I use Sculptress and Zbrush a lot to make models for my games and I'm always wishing I could just get my hands in there instead of having to use a mouse, locked to a single plane. I hope to see more software like your pottery simulator that incorperates VR. It seams foolish to me that games have got VR before the tools that are used to create them!

This is a matter of opinion but I think the direct light on the background and shadow on the pot draws attention away from the pot. Would it look nicer with some direct light on the pot? Just an idea anyway.

How would the pedal work? can you get physical pedals for computers or would it be somethign on screan you would adgust with your hand?

Indeed the blob needs toe more. Lit, I've got that suggestion before.

The pedal I plan to create it with an arduino, shouldn't be difficult :-)


damn good stuff man

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Nice work! So cool! Out of curiosity, was it more accurate to place the leap motion on the desk as opposed to head mounted? I know most will be mounting the leap to their vr units, just wondering why you didn't, if there was an advantage. I am simply amazed, great job!

Also, if you couldn't get the VR mount in time, I found that masking tape doesn't leave a mark on the DK2 and the you just have to use the tape around the edge of the leap. I used that and it worked well till my leap head mount arrived.

Hello DignifiedWeb, thanks for the kind words! :); I'm glad you liked it :-)

I placed the Leap motion in the table because I get better tracking when I have the hands concave (like when you are modeling clay). I wanted to have the leap on the head!, and I even have the VR Mount! but I tried it on the very early stages of the development and the tracking was really bad :-(, to the point that I could only track my hands if I had them wide open, else the fingers will crook :(


wowowowoowo how long did this take you!!!! :~D

Hello Max!, haha I will take that as you liked it :-).

The whole development took me ~2 months, the hardest part was updating the mesh in real time and making it cope with the physics engine without losing performance :-)